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Dr. Foster Mobley | Weekly Wisdoms

Secrets of Snow

It never snows (and rarely rains) here in Southern California, but many of you are dealing with the snowy aftermath of the infamous Polar Vortex. One of the great curiosities of snow - beyond its amazing ability to turn grown adults into eight-year-olds - is its ability to camouflage the ugly and inconvenient.

How often have you headed into winter's first serious snow with piles of fallen leaves still unraked from autumn? And how often have you blessed the snow for hiding those leaves from view...that is, until the snow melted and you were faced with the same unsightly piles of brown litter that you'd hoped would magically vanish?

It's an apt metaphor for our enthusiasm for covering up deep, fundamental troubles in a team or organization with an attractive window dressing. Rather than address the problem, we camouflage it with a new hire, a revised mission statement, or the latest update of Salesforce. But eventually the snow melts and the problem is still there. Wouldn't it be better to brave the cold and rake up the leaves in the first place?

What are you hoping will vanish under a layer of snow?

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