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Dr. Foster Mobley | Weekly Wisdoms

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable #4: In Costume

When we're children, we don't restrict the wearing of costumes to Halloween. Kids take every opportunity to dress up as ballerinas, cowboys, name it. There's no consideration of being made fun of. Rather, exercising our imaginations is cool, and way more important than what other people think.

Then we become adults. We might get into costume once a year. If we don't have a Halloween party to attend, we may not get into costume at all. We judge dressing up to be silly, frivolous, immature; certainly, it's out of our comfort zone. As adults, we worry we'll feel ridiculous if we let loose our inner pirate or vampire. We're uncomfortable pretending to become someone else.

But isn't that the point of putting on a costume - to unleash something different from within without fear of running afoul of the ordinary restrictions of polite society? What would it make possible if we let those unexpressed parts of ourselves loose more often without worrying to the point of inaction what others might think?

Wise leaders not only encourage those they lead to express their unique talents, passions and experiences-they express their own and lead by example.

What aspect of your hidden talents, passions and experiences are you uncomfortable expressing? How might expressing them inspire those you lead?

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