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Dr. Foster Mobley | Weekly Wisdoms

We're All Young At Something

In your chosen field, you might be the guru. You might be the one everyone comes to for advice and wisdom. That's great. But what about outside your narrow field of expertise? Do you even step outside your area of greatest competence long enough to find out what you don't know? I know that I don't do it often enough. When I do, I find the same thing that I suspect you find: while I might be a source of wisdom in my field, in most others I'm a babe in the woods.

We're all young at something, and that can be both humbling and exciting. What are the characteristics of youth? If you said inexperience, a short attention span, and a tendency to throw a fit when you don't get your way, welcome to the humbling side of things. We all have fields where we're babes in the woods. I stepped tentatively into the world of writing books a few years ago and found out how little I knew-how young I was. Slowly, I'm learning, mostly by making mistakes but also by listening to those who know more than I do. Youth leads to maturity.

What about the exciting side? Well, children are also curious, full of energy and don't care one bit about failure. We could all do with more of those qualities. Who wouldn't want to be curious about new areas of life and work and ready to explore new pursuits with zeal, joy and fearlessness?

This month, I'll be exploring what it means to be young at something from both sides: inexperience and curiosity. Let's begin our exploration with a provocative question - at what are you young?

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