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Dr. Foster Mobley | Weekly Wisdoms


In a couple of days, we'll all be counting down the seconds to the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. Odds are you'll be doing the same, standing in a ballroom or somebody's living room with a favorite beverage in your hand. You'll shout and kiss someone close to you (hopefully, someone you know) and confetti will shoot into the air.

But will you be present in that moment of transition?

You probably won't. Most of us aren't. We're already thinking about going back to work, the resolutions that we'll break, and all the things we're planning to do in the coming year. But what if you were present for that tick of the clock from midnight to 12:00:01 on January 1? What would that mean?

Well, there's nothing inherently special about the date; it's a square on the calendar. Nothing magical happens at the point of transition from old year to new. The good news: the new year means exactly what you want it to mean. If you're fully present at that moment, you get to decide what you're transitioning out of and into.

That's worth raising a glass to.

What will the first second of 2014 mean to you?

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